Co-chairs: Dr. Alvin Chandra and Dr. Vlad Zaha

Letter from Chair

Welcome to the Cardio-Oncology section of the Texas ACC! Cardio-oncology is a rapidly expanding area within cardiology that is focused on cardiovascular disease in patients with cancer. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the 2 most common causes of mortality worldwide. As life expectancy increases, we expect the burden of both diseases to increase in the coming decades as well. As cardio-oncologists, our goal is for patients to receive the best cancer treatment possible while protecting the heart from the potential adverse effects of chemotherapy. As cancer survivorship is growing due to advancements in cancer therapy, the need to address cancer treatment-related cardiovascular morbidity is growing as well. The Texas ACC Cardio-Oncology section aims to support collaboration, research, and education among Texas ACC members to increase interest in this field, grow research programs, and improve patient care for Texans. We welcome anyone who is interested to actively participate!

Sincerely, Alvin Chandra, MD, FACC and Vlad Zaha, MD, PhD, FACC

Alvin Chandra, MD, FACC

Vlad Zaha, MD, PhD, FACC

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