Geriatric Cardiology

Co-chairs: Dr. John Mulrow  and Dr. Sarah Godfrey

Letter from Chair

Welcome to the Texas Chapter Geriatric Cardiology Section Website. Important, relevant areas of interest to Geriatric Cardiology will be highlighted here.


*The aging population is expanding worldwide. Texas is the third largest state with adults 65 years and older as of 2014.

*It is projected that nationwide there will be a 250% increase in those 65 years and older as well as 420% in those 85 years and older by 2050.

*There will be an associated increase in geriatric syndromes with this population explosion: frailty, multi -morbidity, polpharmacy, cognitive decline and disability which will complicate treatment for cardiovascular disease.

*Guideline directed medical treatment and clinical trials have largely excluded older individuals especially those with comorbidities.

*There is also a significant deficit of palliative care, advance care planning and end of life discussions in the care of of older patients.

John Mulrow, MD, FACC, FSCAI

Sarah Godfrey, MD, MPH


*Provide an opportunity to join the ACC Geriatric Cardiology Section

*Enable cardiology fellows and early career cardiologists to join the FIT/ECP and Palliative Care Working groups of the ACC.

*Create awareness of recent Geriatric Cardiology centric articles, webinars and ACC annual meeting talks and sessions.

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Geriatric/Palliative Care Sessions ACC.23

  • Session 2004- Cultural Competence in Critical Moments: Improving Palliative and Supportive Cardiovascular Care for Diverse Patient Populations
  • Session 697-Critical Care for PAH: Between a Rock and Hard Place?
  • Session 726- Why Do WE Do What We Do? Can we do Better? Ethics and Comprehensive Care in Valvular Heart Disease
  • Session 509-Avoiding the Crash and Burn: How to Navigate Cardiogenic Shock *Session 763- Healthy Vascular Aging: Luck or Gumption?
  • Session 257-The Systemic Syndrome of Heart Failure: A Closer Look at Non-Cardiovascular Comorbidities


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